Who is Carrie?

Hi! I’m Carrie, of CheapTickets.sg. I’m the girl with the purple hair that sits in the best (pink) seat in our Singapore office. I am the CheapTickets.sg travel guru! My job is to travel far and wide to bring you the best travel tips and destination guides out of Singapore. It’s my mission (and general pleasure) to fly to eat, drink, sleep, party and visit everything from hidden caves in Phuket to amazing après ski venues in the Alps. I promise to share the best travel deals, lowest flight prices and give you heads up on all upcoming offers and sales to make sure you get the cheapest tickets

Come along with me as I complete a travel itinerary of a lifetime.


Max Milano

Max Milano was born in South America and educated in the British West Indies and in London. Max is an avid world traveler and blogger. He currently blogs for Vayama.com, Budgetair.com and CheapTickets Asia. His travel writings have been reposted by the New York Times Travel Blog, the Icelandic Tourist Board and other national and international travel sites. He’s the author of the novel “The Mechanicals of Recoletta” (available at Amazon). Max’s wonderings have taken him to Europe, India, China, Taiwan, New Zealand, South Africa, Morocco, the Caribbean and South America. He has a soft spot in his heart for Iceland and plans to return there shortly to write about this unique island. Max currently lives in San Francisco, CA, where he is working on his next novel, set in New Zealand, Berlin and Stockholm.